Townsend Ecumenical Outreach
A Community Service Organization
TEL: 978-597-2209

Food Distribution

T.E.O. holds a monthly food distribution for Townsend residents and parishioners of Townsend churches who have completed a short application and provided  evidence of financial need and official residence. The applications are reviewed by the committee (name and address  withheld) and upon acceptance, a membership card is issued. Food Distributions are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 82 Bayberry Hill Rd. Food supplies are placed on tables  and participants "shop" for items they need.

We ask everyone to observe these policies:

1. Every January, eligibility must be re-verified by submitting Evidence of Residency (recent rent receipt, lease  agreement, tax receipt, etc.) and total gross income from all sources and from EVERYONE in the household.  Participation will be denied if any income is omitted or any records are falsified. 2. All members who are able to go to any store must come to 82 Bayberry Hill Rd. to select their own food, or ask a  friend or relative to represent them. Assistance is normally available to carry supplies to individual cars. 3. All participants or their representatives must bring back their banana boxes for their food.  Membership cards must be  shown when requested. 4. All participants or their representativesmust bring their banana boxes for their food, and a doubled paper grocery bag for the government food. Membership cards must be shown when requested. 5. We are a family friendly environment with a zero tolerance policy for smoking, alcohol use, drug use and profanity.  Anyone violating this policy will not be allowed to participate. 6. The quantity of food to be given will be determined on a monthly basis, with limit signs posted on those items in short  supply.

Click here to download a Food Distribution Application form.

Forms should be filled out and mailed to: Laurie Morency 61 Gilchrist Road Townsend, MA  01469 or email to: If you have questions about the form, please call 978-597-2209
Food Distribution Hours of Operation   8:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. on the 3rd Saturday of the month